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Category Archive : Health & Social Care

What Are The Implication Of ‘No Jab No Job’ For The Care Home Sector In England On the 11th of November 2021 new laws will prevent anyone from entering a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered care home unless they have received a full course of vaccinations against Covid-19 or are medically exempt from having the […]

Health & Social Care Mandatory Training Courses There are a number of mandatory courses which staff in care homes or other areas of the social care sector must have completed. AOne can provide these courses and fit them around your staff’s shifts and schedules. All of our Health and Social Care courses are up-to-date and […]

Patient Moving, Handling & Positioning Training The modern working environment has raised various body ache problems. Back pain is also one of them. Careless posture is the main reason for the pain and it commonly comes from the workplace. People tend to sit in one position on not-so-comfortable chairs which results in various back injuries.  According […]

First Aid & Life Support Training Course Providers First aid and basic life support training allow employees to provide patients the solution, and not just sympathy. It creates within them the confidence to care for the patient. They are equipped with the knowledge as to how to manage the incidents and consequently it enables them […]

Infection Prevention & Control Training Courses We are living in a pretty intense period of history, COVID-19 was something that the UK was not prepared for.  Knowing about infection control and prevention is important, not just for those working in the Health and Social Care sector, but also for people who want to keep their […]

Irrespective of how careful people are, no one can avoid incidents at work. The first thing that employees must know is, how to give first aid to the patient. It is necessary to assist employees first hand to reduce further damage and promote recovery of the patient. But is it all? No. Employees at the […]

Dementia is a group of symptoms that effect the memory and behaviour of a person.  The causes of dementia can vary, but the illness can be very distressing to loved ones and people suffering from it.  Dementia is a category of illnesses, so there are different types of causes depending on the specific type of […]

It seems obvious that staff training in health and social care is important.  What is less obvious are the reasons why it is important.  The main reason for training is that staff and employers have a duty to ensure that clients are looked after, working with laws and legislation to protect client’s dignity and safety.  […]