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FREE 6 week courses to boost your CV – Birmingham area only!

Give your CV a boost by just taking 6 week courses! These are funded by the UK government, so if you are eligible, you can get this FREE!

Aone Social Care Training has been asked on behalf of Pathways to deliver these free fully funded courses. Our aim is to engage employers to provide further support in upskilling staff within the company.


Click in any links above to see course overview.


To The Employer

• This course is online, so it requires no time out of the working day for your employees.

• By upskilling your staff, you are showing as an employer that you see value in your employees, and it shows that you will continue to train them to support them in their careers.

• The course is FREE.

• By upskilling your staff, you are getting a workforce with a higher skill set.

To The Employee

• This course is online, so it requires no time out of your working schedule. The course can be completed within 6 weeks. 

• By upskilling yourself you may gain skills and qualifications that you did not have prior, and it may help you to progress within your career in the future.

• The course is FREE.

• It is also worth a mention that learners can complete 2 courses at one time, so whilst the courses are free it is worth using them.

To be eligible for the funding, you must be:

✓ Aged 19 or over
✓ Live in Birmingham postcode area
✓ Have been a UK resident for the past 3 years
✓ Employed

This funding is limited time – sign up today to avoid missing out! Fill out the forms below to get enrolled, one of our teams will be in touch immediately. 

L2-Short-Courses - Birmingham (BG)
Have you been in the UK 3 years or more?
This funding is for people employed only. Are you employed?