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Government Funding for Birmingham area – L2 Customer Service

Improve your professional communication skills with customers and become expert with this free online L2 Customer Service course

Offered free for employed people 19+ in Birmingham areas. Earn a certification in just 6 weeks.


At this level, you’ll gain an understanding of customer service policies and procedures and the communications skills required to effectively deal with different types of customers.

There are six learning outcomes and at the end of this unit you will be able to:

• Describe how to deliver good customer service to different types of customers

• Describe organisational customer service policies and procedures

• Explain the benefits to an organisation of having a good reputation

• Describe the qualities and attributes required in the customer service role

• Explain the importance of responding effectively to customers’ needs, expectations and complaints

• Explain the importance of different methods of communication used to deal with different types of customers.

Benefits to take this course

Free for eligible learners

Study at your own pace

100% online

You will be supported by a dedicated tutor throughout your course

Receive a digital e-certificate upon completion

Completely flexible around the learner – it should take 6-8 weeks to be completed however this depends on learning engagement, for example, learners who put in an hour a week might take longer than learners who put 2 hours a week!



To be eligible for the funding, you must be:

 ✓aged 19 or over

 ✓Live in Birmingham postcode area

 ✓Have been a UK resident for the past 3 years


This funding is limited time – sign up today to avoid missing out! Fill out the forms below to get enrolled, one of our teams will be in touch immediately.

L2-Short-Courses - Birmingham (BG)
Have you been in the UK 3 years or more?
This funding is for people employed only. Are you employed?