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Government Funding for Birmingham area – L2 Team Leading

New to team leading or looking to progress into this type of job role? This course is right for you!

Offered free for employed people 19+ in Birmingham areas. Earn a certification in just 6 weeks.


What makes a good team leader? How do you provide essential guidance and direction to your team? 

Develop your key skills needed to be a successful team leader by taking this 6 weeks Level 2 Team Leading for FREE at Aone Training Services.

Topics include

These include how to develop productive working relationships with colleagues, how to manage conflict with colleagues and leading a team, leadership styles and ways of motivating, supporting and encouraging teams, how to identify work-related difficulties and how to find potential solutions.

Benefits to take this course

Free for eligible learners

Study at your own pace 100% online

You will be supported by a dedicated tutor throughout your course Receive a digital e-certificate upon completion

Completely flexible around the learner - it should take 6-8 weeks to be completed however this depends on learning engagement, for example, learners who put in an hour a week might take longer than learners who put 2 hours a week!


To be eligible for the funding, you must be:

 ✓aged 19 or over

 ✓Live in Birmingham postcode area

 ✓Have been a UK resident for the past 3 years


This funding is limited time – sign up today to avoid missing out! Fill out the forms below to get enrolled, one of our teams will be in touch immediately.

L2-Short-Courses - Birmingham (BG)
Have you been in the UK 3 years or more?
This funding is for people employed only. Are you employed?