Woman delivering emergency first aid at work

How to manage incidents at work

Irrespective of how careful people are, no one can avoid incidents at work. The first thing that employees must know is, how to give first aid to the patient. It is necessary to assist employees first hand to reduce further damage and promote recovery of the patient. But is it all? No. Employees at the workplace must be aware of how to manage incidents at their place. Let us know how incidents can be effectively managed at work. Process of Incident Management It is not necessary that everyone knows how to manage incidents at the workplace but thorough guidance and…

CPR Training

Why is First Aid and Basic Life Support Important Within the Workplace?

Whether the workplace is dangerous or not, risks and uncertainties are everywhere. To reduce the impact of these uncertainties, it becomes essential for every employee to protect the health and safety of other employees with quick first aid. With adequate knowledge of what to do, how, and when, incidents can be correctly managed at the workplace by employees. But, what is first aid, and why is it training so important? Let’s know. What is First Aid? First aid, as the term suggests, is the first and immediate assistance given to the injured to prevent further damage. It is the service…

Elderly woman looking through window

Causes of Dementia

Dementia is a group of symptoms that effect the memory and behaviour of a person.  The causes of dementia can vary, but the illness can be very distressing to loved ones and people suffering from it.  Dementia is a category of illnesses, so there are different types of causes depending on the specific type of dementia a person has.  We have listed the two most common forms of dementia here, as well as identifying their causes. Alzheimer's Disease Named after German psychologist, Alois Alzheimer, Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia.  A lot remains unknown about the disease.…

Staff caring for a client

The Importance of Staff Training in Health and Social Care

It seems obvious that staff training in health and social care is important.  What is less obvious are the reasons why it is important.  The main reason for training is that staff and employers have a duty to ensure that clients are looked after, working with laws and legislation to protect client’s dignity and safety.  But there are other less apparent reasons for training. Staff training in health and social care protects the staff Knowing the right methods for caring and protecting clients is vital to ensuring the client is safe.  But it is also important to protect the staff. …

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