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Health and Social Care Courses for NON UK Residents / Visa


Are you planning to come to the UK to work in care? If so, you would need to take a course in care for your Visa.

The Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care is suitable for those looking to develop their knowledge, skills and competence to work in the health and social care sector in the UK or any other country. This qualification certifies you as a senior care assistant in the UK. 

Care workers have been added to the shortage occupation list. This means candidates who take this qualification can apply for jobs in the UK and be sponsored by the employer with a UK work visa.

Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care Course

Course Overview

The QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care replaces the NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care course. This internationally recognised QCF is the equivalent of an A-level qualification and is the UK industry standard for those working in the adult care sector. The training course is for those who hold some responsibility in their workplace, and work without supervision.

This QCF / NVQ Level 3 training course gives learners the essential skills and competency necessary to work with adults or children. The qualification is for workers in all social care settings, including primary care services, domiciliary care, residential care homes, day services and assisting supported living.

How long will it take?

Learners will have 12 months to complete this course overall. However, how long it takes to complete is completely dependent on the learner’s engagement with learning and how many hours they spend on it per week. 

We find that most complete this qualification in around 6 months.

Mandatory Units

Level 3 Course Fee

Or you can choose to pay 3 or 6 months instalments with 0% interest.

Once first payment has been made, a letter of registration will be sent. 


  • This course is online, so it requires no time out of your working schedule. 
  • The course can be comfortably completed in 6 months but you can complete the course as fast as you wish.
  • By taking this course this can help you retain your visa and stay in the UK.
  • This will support earning more and develop career progression which may lead to promotion.
  • Fully supported by a tutor

Apply now! Fill out the form to get started, and one of our teams will be in touch immediately. 

Blazel Grimares - NVQ for NON UK Residents / Visa
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