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Health & Social Care QCF, RQF & NVQ Training Courses

QCF, RQF & NVQ Health & Social Care Training

We provide on site and online QCF, RQF & NVQ training courses for public and private health sector workers, nursing & care home employees, care assistants, community carers & care professionals across the UK.

AOne can deliver Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 & Level 5 health and social care training remotely and on site, upskilling staff through sector specific courses. There are funding initiatives that exist to upskill employees in Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). read more on training grants & funding

On Site & Online Care Home Staff Training Courses

Awareness of Dementia
Level 3 NVQ | 86 GLH | £279 | Regulated learning | Funding available

The level 3 NVQ Award in Awareness of Dementia is designed for individuals aspiring towards or already employed in the capacity of caring for patients with dementia. Dementia is a group of symptoms that contribute to the decline in one’s memory and thinking skills.

These symptoms, when severe, can hinder the day-to-day activities of a person. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that is known to affect millions of people around the world. Vascular dementia is another form of dementia that occurs in patients who have experienced a stroke.

Dementia can also be a result of vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems. The early diagnosis of dementia will help a patient benefit from treatment, as the disease tends to progress quickly if untreated. Follow the link for more information on Level 3 NVQ Awareness of Dementia training courses

End-of-Life Care
Level 2 NVQ | 120 GLH | £249 | Regulated learning | Funding Available

This level 2 NVQ qualification develops learner’s knowledge relating to person-centred care planning at the end of life. It addresses key questions and situations a carer may be faced with and looks at approaches to death, legislation relating to end-of-life care, and sensitivity training.

Principles of Medication Administration
Level 2 NVQ| 130 GLH | £249 | Regulated learning | Funding Available

This level 2 NVQ course is perfect for employees in the Health and Social Care sector wanting to learn more about best practice for medication administration. It identifies staff roles and responsibilities in relation to administering medication, how to store medication, the legislation of drug administration, and how to record and report errors.

CQC Care Inspection Reports, Ratings & Reviews

Speak to us today to discuss how our social care training can impact your Care Quality Commission inspection and rating . We offer impartial and objective advice on planning and implementing successful training strategies that achieve and maintain good Care Quality Commission or CQC inspection reports, ratings and reviews.

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