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First Aid & Basic Life Support Training Courses For Care Homes

Social Care First Aid & Basic Life Support Training Courses

First aid, as the term suggests, is the first and immediate assistance given to the injured to prevent further damage. It is the service provided by others before arriving of medical help. In serious cases, it even can save the life of the injured.

A vital part of working in Health and Social Care is to know to manage any emergency first aid situation in the workplace. This first aid and basic life support training course will give participants the confidence to manage incidents safely. It is for groups of 8-12.

Key Benefits

Knowledge and skills gained can be mapped over to the Care Certificate – Standard 12.  This can also be used as supportive evidence to map across to joint Skills for Care and Skills for Health Assessment Principles for the Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) in England.

Course Content

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Manage incidents at work
  • Understand what to do when finding an unconscious adult
  • Place an adult in the recovery position
  • Complete CPR
  • Manage a severe bleed
  • Identify clinical shock and how to treat this
  • Identify other medical emergencies and how to manage these effectively
  • Report accidents and incidents correctly

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for all those working in Health and Social Care Settings. This is a mandatory course and is an expectation of CQC that this is completed on a yearly basis.

First Aid & Basic Life Support Training Course Applications

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